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About us


The emergency behind the app

The PLR app was created through near tragedy after founder, Nick Brabant narrowly escaped a sports accident with his life.

In 2018, Nick was mountain biking at the Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park, near Nelson, New Zealand. On the last run of the day, down the Big Airs’ jump track, the confident cyclist flipped off his bike and took the initial impact in the back of his head. Another flip later and he was left badly broken and critical – his head tucked under his chest so breathing was laboured.


Nick’s life was saved by a friend’s 16-year-old daughter who had followed behind, placing him in the recovery position…but the rescue was delayed.

The paramedics needed an accurate location to find him.

A fellow mountain biker was sent searching for signage to find coordinates to help guide the paramedics to the scene.

Nick was eventually helivaced to hospital, but further delay could have been fatal.

Why you will always be found

The need for immediate response – and accurate location details – could be the difference between life and death, being or not being assaulted.

Your PLR app:

  • Has you covered, wherever you receive cell coverage
  • Provides the world’s more accurate location details
  • Has all your details pre-set so your SOS is immediate
  • Will operate from your smartwatch if you can’t reach your phone
  • Provides you with 24/7 support
  • Will protect groups as well as individuals

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