Personal Locator Relay

Emergency situation can happen
at any time, outdoors, cities and
in your own home.

Ensure you have the emergency
response when you need it with
minimal delay.

Get 24/7 Help – With The World’s Leading Panic Alarm App

Turn your smartphone (& smartwatch) into a panic button for immediate emergency response, no matter what your danger, anywhere, anytime. Download the app to:

  • Get immediate response from your SOS
  • Send an accurate location to save your life
  • Be found, by the people you trust
  • Stay protected, 24/7

Why this is such a great offer NOW

How much longer are you willing to risk life’s unplanned dangers without safeguarding the ones you love?  If anything happens – to you or your family – this app gives you the best chance of receiving life saving support.


PLR is smartwatch integrated for when your phone is inaccessible. PLR is available in Apple and Android.

3 reasons this app is for you

Your location is only transmitted when you activate for emergency help

Choose the plan length you want & list of contacts who you choose to alert

Cost effective

Only pay a fraction of satellite unit costs, for you, your family & groups*

3 more reasons this app is for you

Help is at your fingertips – it’s smartphone and smartwatch friendly.

Be found with GPS coordinates direct to your location


Have direct response & minimal delay in your greatest time of need

We care about
your family
We care about your family

Who is this for?

This is the ultimate personal alarm app for anyone with a smartphone or smartwatch needing immediate help in times of danger and distress.

This includes:

  • Parents, wanting protection for their teens or children
  • Seniors and those with mobility issues for 100% peace of mind
  • Vulnerable people, sick or the unwell needing a 24/7 help safety net
  • Carers and nurses with fragile people in their care
  • Singles who are living or travelling alone
  • Shift workers who brave isolated car parks or darkened places
  • Club executives, ensuring their members’ safety
  • Sports & school heads, looking for a cost-effective group protection
  • Anyone in danger…when seconds count
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Do you spend nights waiting
for your children to get home
and wondering what is going
on and if they are safe?

Do your aging parents
want to stay in their
house, not wanting to
go into a retirement

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Are you or someone you
care about travelling to
a new countryor city?

Get peace of mind with PLR

knowing that your child has the added protection, your parent will have emergency response and when travelling somewhere new, the local emergency response is there when you need it.

Get it now

Get it now

What’s there to lose if you delay?

  • Missing out on the limited offer, FREE 7 day app trial, while it lasts
  • Risk confusion and time delays if anything happens to you family
  • Pay top-dollar for panic pendants that are obvious and embarrassing
  • Never have surety of you, or your group’s ability to get help when you need it
  • Miss the peace of mind knowing you’ve got your friends and family covered in the event of a crisis situation.
  • Losing precious seconds in yours, or your family’s time of need

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